Most national payroll services offer PC based architecture. This means there are two databases for your payroll. One resides on your PC - the other resides back at your payroll provider. Because both databases must be in perfect synchronization, this commonly results in delays, added maintenance and error messages after you add common items such as a new department, and new earnings codes, or perhaps an agency check. Updates to the software require intervention by you, or your IT staff. This is an inefficient process that often results in a diversion from your primary focus: managing your payroll and HR.

Because Payroll Evolution utilizes "thin client" technology, where there is only one Database, all changes made are immediately updated and viewable by the user.

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  • Customizable Payroll Entry Grid for easy payroll entry
  • "Check View" - Paycheck look up on site with "what if" Tax Calculator
  • Job Costing and Certified Payroll Reporting
  • Built in Report Writer Utility for custom reports and file formats
  • NO installation of software at your site ("thin client technology")
  • Extremely secure - 256 bit encrypted data transmission
  • History tracking and snapshot reporting ensures an audit trail for any field in the program
  • EXCEL import directly into the Payroll Evolution Software
  • Interface with popular time and attendance systems, including ADP's E-Time without needing an external interface
  • Review all payroll reports prior to processing to guarantee accuracy
  • 4 levels of departmentalization and the ability to make change to them real time, without needing to contact your payroll service.
  • LAN/WAN needs: support multiple users at different client locations simultaneously
  • Electronically transmit encrypted agency files in a wide array of formats to outside administrators
  • Run over 90 standard reports with any desired date range, including fiscal
  • Unlimited E/D codes, employee rates, and benefit accruals
  • G/L and check reconciliation files, in the format necessary to import to Quickbooks, Peachtree, Great Plains, AccPac, and other popular accounting applications.
  • NOTE: You may choose to give your CPA online access
  • Pay taxes from multiple tax accounts, with unlimited company codes per client
  • Show used, taken, and available time off on checks with unlimited accruals per employee

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On-Line Version
  • Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7
  • Pentium Processor (II, III or better)
  • 512MB RAM strongly recommended
  • 100MB of free hard disk space
  • Connection to the internet required
  • For Firewalls, port 9901, 9902 & 9902 (tcp) must be configured "open", and allowed to send and receive
  • Most Hewlett Package (HP) Laserjet printers are supported using PCL 5 printer drivers
  • Monitor minimum resolution of 800 X 600

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